Throughout the last year, the Tulare Chamber of Commerce has learned, like many others, to adapt, reshape and refresh. The unforeseen changes resulted in many new opportunities and halted others, but one thing remains: The Chamber continues to serve its members by advocating for, and engaging in, efforts to encourage economic opportunity and business prosperity.

As we sit here a year later, we reflect on when the pandemic hit and the efforts we have made and continue to make for businesses and the community. We knew that our role in business retention would become the forefront of our efforts. It was apparent that helping our small and medium businesses stay in business had to be a priority.

The Chamber has been working with hundreds of businesses in the greater Tulare area to help educate about COVID-19 guidance and resources.

Over the past year, we assisted in the outreach and administration of grant funding programs in partnership with the WIB, city of Tulare and County of Tulare, resulting in more than 250 grants that were a lifeline to many.

Our Business Advocacy efforts grew with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, bringing us new challenges to address in assisting our businesses here and across the U.S. The Chamber participated in the Save Small Business Coalition and America’s Recovery Fund efforts to be the voice of business for Tulare.

The past year, we walked alongside our businesses as we have done for 136 years as your catalyst for business growth, your convener of leaders and influencers, and your champion for a thriving community and economy. As we swear in our 2021 Board of Directors, we are well-prepared to implement a comprehensive program of work with flexibility to meet the continued challenges of our environment, while providing the important deliverables our businesses and community have come to expect from our chamber. We are Tulare Strong and Chamber Strong.