Text by Taylor Johnson | Hairstyle by Melyssa Pantoja

All your many months of planning have at last come to a head — the venue is set, food is being prepared, and guests will start arriving in a few hours. One of the very last things to execute for wedding day is your hairstyle.

As with makeup, hair trends seem to be leaning toward natural. Whether the hair is worn up or down, brides are opting for a more effortless-looking style, as opposed to something perfectly manicured.

Hair stylist Melyssa Pantoja shares with us an uncomplicated yet elegant style with versatility — meaning that it can be worn down and then put up with just a few extra, simple steps.

“My model has short to medium hair, which is a great length for this style,” Melyssa says.

The look is started by curling all of her hair, then pulling it half up into a ponytail, which is then flipped/twisted over itself (think topsy tail). “Once twisted, I gently pull on the twists to give them a loose, slightly undone look, which adds texture,” she adds. For something extra, add some floral touches.

Changing up this ’do for the reception is easy. “In small sections, I took the curled pieces that were down, twisted them a bit and pinned them into place,” Melyssa says. “That’s it! This style is great, too, for someone who doesn’t have a ton of hair … all the volume from the twists make it appear otherwise.”

Whether it’s this style or another, keep in mind “natural” is in. But whatever your inclination, bringing in a photo will prove to be more helpful than words when trying to describe to your stylist a desired look.

Melyssa Pantoja has been a hair stylist for 10 years, specializing in color and cutting hair.

Follow her on Instagram: @melyssa_pantoja