Text By C. Scott Wyatt


ooking with my children brings us closer together. People chat in kitchens while preparing meals and desserts. Kitchens also serve as classrooms. My daughters and I discuss the science of cooking and practice fractions. They also review the confusing measurement system that uses two types of spoons, ounces, cups and pints.

We have favorite recipes in binders and a collection of cookbooks. Yet my phone and iPad have become my go-to reference guides in the kitchen. I look up recipes, how-to videos and answers to questions that the girls ask me.
The 7-year-old loves watching cooking videos, especially when they feature desserts. Her older sister prefers videos on the science of cooking, preferring Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” over baking contests.

Phones and tablets were not designed for kitchen use. From hot oil to fine powders, hazards await any device on a kitchen counter. My iPad case has smooth shiny spots where oil or grease on my fingers removed the textured coating. The best solution is to move the iPad away from the counter.

CTA Digital makes screen-mounting solutions for industrial use, including mounts popular with restaurants. With the rise of tablets in home kitchens, CTA Digital counter and under-cabinet mounts are now carried by home décor retailers and the big-box home improvement chains.

Lowe’s offers what might be the best CTA Digital mount for tablets. The 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand is a traditional stand, with a V-shaped folding base. The stand features a swivel head and three hinges, allowing you to position a tablet with ease. However, if you need every inch of counter space or worry about knocking over the stand, the 2-in-1 becomes an under-cabinet or wall-mounted tablet holder. Securely bolt the bracket wherever you have convenient space. The stand base folds and then slides into the bracket. It’s an ingenious design.

If a stand or mount seems out of place in your kitchen, there are cutting boards and knife blocks with integrated tablet stands.

No matter how you secure the tablet, you should buy a cheap stylus for use in the kitchen. Many kitchen tablet stands include a storage slot for a stylus. Keeping your fingers off the tablet preserves the screen and housing.

If you want the ultimate protection for a tablet in your kitchen, CTA Digital makes disposable clear sleeves for tablets. Originally designed for the health-care industry, the sleeves don’t interfere with either touch or stylus operation.

Use a stand, buy a stylus and consider disposable sleeves if your expensive tablet often joins you in the kitchen. Don’t risk a kitchen computing nightmare.