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ello 2021, we have been waiting for you. A brand-new start, a brand-new year and I personally do not know a single person who is sad to say goodbye and good riddance to 2020. As last year finds its way to the refuse of archives, we hope that it takes all of its bad mojo with it.

Every January, we take a detour from our regularly scheduled programming in order to bring you an insider’s view of a building or venue that you may not have in your purview. We have featured some outstanding properties over the years, and this one is no exception. Please say “Hello Darling” to Visalia’s newest boutique hotel, located just steps from our office. If you have yet to visit, you are truly missing out … from the well-appointed rooms to the street-side pool and the ever-popular (we dare you to try and get a reservation inside of two weeks!) Elderwood Restaurant and rooftop bar. We can state with full conviction, that it is a must-do. Turn to page 24 and see if you agree.

As we ring in every new year with hope and anticipation, many of us use this time to set lofty goals and resolutions for the coming year. A little research reveals that the first New Year’s resolution dates back more than 4,000 years to ancient Babylon, where the first celebrations lasted 12 days. Later, during the Renaissance period, masquerade balls became popular across Europe. It is reported that at the stroke of midnight, people removed their masks and kissed away, believing that those kisses would purify each other from evil so that they could start the new year with a clean slate. My personal hope is that there was a lot of kissing happening at the stroke of midnight this past New Year’s Eve so we may all enjoy the coming year, enough to make up for the horrors of the last.

Our goal this year is simple, to be better than we were the year before, to always look for the positive, and to make sure we show our appreciation to all of you who make what we do possible.

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