from the editor headerEvery once in a while, our view east toward the Sequoias is nothing short of spectacular. This past weekend was one of those times. Driving home after an afternoon in Porterville, I must have sounded like a child, “Look, look!” I declared as if to suggest the others in the car were surely not paying close enough attention to the majestic beauty in front of us. After one of my fellow riders announced, “Oh, I grew up here and we used to see those every day,” I realized that the delight I was experiencing at the rare occurrence was due to perspective. What is magnificent to one is hardly worth mentioning to another. Each of us has our unique perspective, something to bear in mind as we navigate our way through these challenging times.

On that note, we know you will enjoy “A Calmer Mind in Trying Times,” offering helpful insights on keeping and maintaining our health, mental and physical, with practical down-to-earth tips, found on page 40.

While we are looking to the east, this month’s home tour shows us how an east Visalia family transformed a home into a sanctuary — making it a comfortable fit for parents and two adolescent boys. For the story and beautiful photos, turn to page 24, “Our Home Is Our Sanctuary.”

Before winter gives way to springtime, head farther east with our “Take on Thai” on page 18, with recipes that warm your soul as well as your belly with their spicy, peanuty flavors. Our own Taylor Johnson is this month’s contributing chef as well as photographer for these colorful dishes.

More than ever, armchair travelers will enjoy a virtual trip to the quirky side of Amsterdam, with its individually crafted buildings that are still standing after 400 years. From cheese to tulips, this amazing city offers so much to see and do — it might just be the kind of breakout trip you’re looking for in 2021. See “Back to Travel?” by regular contributor Cheryl Levitan on page 34.

I’d like to end with a heartfelt thanks to our hard-working Chamber of Commerce and the many courageous local business owners who continue to weather the storm. With each passing week comes a growing expectation that in spite of the challenges still facing us, we are turning the corner on what has been a very trying time. Whether by simply adapting, pushing the limits of our endurance and finding that we are stronger than we ever thought possible, I am seeing in myself and those around me a determined optimism — a sense that the worst is behind us, that the winds are finally shifting in our favor. Visalia’s downtown has held on to its vibrancy, reimagining itself in ways that could not have been thought of a year ago.

As always, thank you to our advertisers, contributors and readers for your continued support. We could not, would not, do it without you.

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