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ave you ever noticed during changing or stressful times that people react one of two ways: They stand up with hope, to help and to heal, or become angry, resentful, bitter and adopt an “every man for himself” attitude? During the last 10 or more months, I’ve witnessed both types of people. Just like a business determines its brand, so can we as individuals. I think a lot about how I want to be remembered one day and I hope to some degree that it was for the times I stepped in with a piece of my heart in an effort to heal, rather than for the times that I felt angry or resentful. It is no secret that we could all use a little more hope and love right now, and since February is the month of love, it is a great time to pay more attention to matters of the heart.

When I think of love and romance, my mind soon turns to fine wine and dining. Many times I have misspoken by calling a sparkling wine champagne, but true wine enthusiasts would never make that mistake only calling it champagne when it comes from a specific district in northeastern France. Before you consider your next bubbly purchase, turn to “Why Champagne Dominates” on page 22.


After you have made your authentic champagne selection, you are sure to impress your love with “Sweetheart Steak with Chimichurri” found on page 34. Not only is it a savory dish, it is beautifully presented as a heart-shaped expression of love. Contributing chef David Vartanian of the Vintage Press always does an outstanding job of creating desserts that please both the pallet and the eye. For Valentine’s Day this year, he has outdone himself again with “Chocolate Hearts with Raspberry Puree” on page 37. Between champagne, a delicious steak and decadent chocolate dessert, you have never had a better opportunity to feel the love.

Like always, we appreciate everyone who supports Lifestyle Magazine either by contributing, reading or with advertising dollars. As we enter into the month of February, I promise to make a concentrated effort in letting those closest to me know that they are loved, and to offer whatever bit of hope and healing that I can. This has been a stressful season for many of us and if we each stepped up to encourage even one more person in our circle of influence, we would see a dramatic shift in optimism, if only in ourselves.

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