Text by Joshua Banda | Photo by Banda Bros. Photography

As we complete another year of bringing classical music to Tulare County, we want to thank you for your generosity over our 60-year history. Because of you, we have been able to bring new life into our vibrant community and have plans to enhance these experiences even further. Today, we are asking for your support — we need it now more than ever.

We are thrilled to report that this year, in honor of our 60th anniversary, we have a generous supporting individual who has issued the following challenge: If we can raise $60,000 in donations by Jan. 31, 2020, this individual will contribute another $60,000 to the Sequoia Symphony. All gifts are welcome and will count towards this challenge, and gifts of $1,500 or higher will accelerate our efforts to meet the goal on or before the deadline. This is another exciting opportunity for us to raise the funds we need so that we can continue bringing programs to the community such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark film concert that opened up the season.

We’re asking you to include the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra in your year-end giving plans and donate as much as you possibly can by sending your contribution today. Every dollar that you invest in the Sequoia Symphony helps us to continue the programs that you’ve seen recently, bringing music to your community, but we simply cannot do it without your support.

Why give to the Sequoia Symphony?

Give to hear the music. As a nonprofit organization, the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra relies on the generosity of its donors. The symphony’s exciting and innovative programming brings a new dimension to the artistry of Tulare County, from Masterworks to Pops. Your gift enables the Sequoia Symphony to perform inspirational, original and groundbreaking concerts.

Give to our community. Music is the foundation upon which every great community is built. For 60 years, the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra has been a leader among arts organizations in Tulare County, employing more than 70 musicians who live and work in our area. Your gift brings together those musicians and music lovers.

Give to honor someone. A gift to the Sequoia Symphony will support important community outreach programs like Music Medicine. This program brings the harmony of the Sequoia Symphony to Kaweah Delta to help them experience the beauty and serenity of live music. Give in honor of someone you love — your gift will make a difference in the lives of so many.

Give to help cultivate a love of music. Our annual Youth Concerts guide students in third through fifth grades through an interactive concert performance with the Sequoia Symphony. Your gift will bring music into the lives of children and inspire them to succeed in school and beyond.

Give to express love. The love of music, the love of one another, the love of the arts. Your gift enables the artistry of the Sequoia Symphony to be experienced throughout the region, bringing the highest quality music to our community.

No matter your reason, it is only because of YOU that we can celebrate our 60th season. When you support the symphony, you are passing on the gift of music and changing lives.

There are many ways to give — check, credit card, cash or stock transfer. You may give online at sequoiasymphonyorchestra.com (Visa or Mastercard) or call the symphony office at (559) 732-8600. Thank you for your generosity and best wishes for a happy holiday season.