his is the best time of year — hands down. Argue all you want, I won’t hear it. I love the cool weather, rain, long sleeves, backyard fires, and festivities with family and friends. It’s also a time where I often slow down and reflect on what matters most.
This morning felt like a true Tulare County fall morning. A thick fog had settled in my backyard and, with it, a sense of peace. It’s pretty quiet at my home at 5 a.m. and, in the stillness, I had a moment to pause, something that happens far too infrequently
for me these days. In that space, I was reacquainted with an old friend — thankfulness.
I felt truly thankful.
In the hustle of modern life, it’s all too easy for me to miss the things that truly matter. My wife and kids, family, close friends, church, colleagues and so much more. I hate
to admit it, but I’ve adopted some habits that erode my thankfulness. Unfortunately,
it’s not uncommon to find me with eyes glued to the phone while someone shares a thought, rushing to the next event when a friend needs a minute to connect, or too busy to call or respond with much more than an emoji. You may relate. It’s disappointing to admit, but it’s not the end of our story.
This morning reminded me of an important truth. It only takes a moment to pause and reconnect with what truly matters. That’s what happened for me this morning. I finally stopped long enough to hear and see all that I am thankful for. May this season be filled with many moments of peace, thankfulness and slowing down long enough to be with people that matter the most.


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