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s I am writing the last Editor’s Letter of the year, Visalia’s Candy Cane Lane decorations have just been installed on Main Street and, considering the less than normal year we have had, I am thankful for even a little bit of tradition. There will be no parade this year, but the sights and sounds of Main Street will still bring a sense of wonder and joy to those who venture downtown. Every year, Visalians look forward to this as the official kickoff of the holiday season, and I am sure having our downtown decorated with lights and garlands will have the same effect even though we will all miss the parade.

Most of us will experience the 2020 holidays differently, but there are still ways to create special memories. Starting around Thanksgiving right through ringing in the New Year, it is the way these holidays make us feel that make them memorable. What is so amazing about the human race is that we have the ability to choose whether we allow our circumstances to control our happiness. We can choose to find the positive, the good, and to share those feelings with those closest to us. Whether in person, by virtual connection or by phone, it is up to us if we allow a little thing like a pandemic to control our feelings of warmth and love and kindness to those we share life with.

The Lifestyle staff’s sincere wish for each of you is that this year will be no different. Whether you are able to spend them together as a family, or if you find yourself separated by distance, we hope that you still create lasting impressions with your family, your friends or perhaps even a stranger. It does not take much to make someone else feel special and cared about, and we hope in some small way we bestow those feelings to each of you.

Thank you for your continued loyal reading and may you all have a very Merry Christmas and holiday season and Happy New Year.

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