When you look at today’s current landscape, no one could ever have predicted that COVID-19 would infiltrate our nation as it did several months ago. It is understandable that retirement-living consumers have been paralyzed with fear and apprehension about making forward progress on their next steps of identifying their retirement needs — whether to move closer to family, sell a home or begin discovering what to do with an abundance of time.

In our September 2019 issue, we introduced you to Norma-Kay and Bob Line as they prepared to embark on the next journey in their lives — moving from their Visalia home into Quail Park at Shannon Ranch, a luxury senior living community that opened in the northwest corner of the city the prior March. Who could have anticipated how much their lives — all our lives — would change in the six months following publication of that story?

Norma-Kay and Bob Line

What began as a choice to pursue an active retirement lifestyle and simplify their lives quickly became a strategic decision to keep themselves and their families safe from the pandemic. According to Bob, “One of the things we were doing at that time, before we moved here, was that our children and grandchildren were alternating bringing us food so we wouldn’t have to go out to the store or to restaurants. There were times, of course, where we’d have to go to the store ourselves and we would have to try and go when they were setting aside time for seniors, which wasn’t the easiest time to go through. Living at Shannon Ranch has actually made our lives and our families’ lives much, much easier.”

Executive Director Jeff Moyer checked in with the couple to learn how the transition went better than they could have expected. Bob says the move did have a challenge or two due to the pandemic with closures. However, with the help of family, they did locate a cleaning service that stayed open to help get their house ready and on the market. One big problem that resolved itself moving into Quail Park at Shannon Ranch was the opportunity to not have to rely on family support to cook, shop and prepare meals for them. The community’s three restaurant options have maintained Bob’s promise that Norma-Kay’d never have to cook again. The couple happily report that they now have the freedom to eat the delicious meals that the Signature Dining Team prepares daily, dining when they choose, and enjoying meals like filet mignon and other signature dishes. When asked whether the food met her expectations, Norma-Kay replied, “I haven’t found one thing I’ve not liked.” Bob added, “Well, having filet mignon available is never a bad thing,” and Norma-Kay echoed his enthusiasm. “In fact, I think we had it three nights in a row one week!”

Life at Quail Park keeps the couple busy but feeling overall very relaxed. Having the freedom to visit with new friends, attend a variety of health and fitness classes in the workout room, and aqua classes in the pool help the couple stay physically and socially engaged, even learning new things.

Denis Bryant, CEO & President

Listening and learning what residents of Quail Park Communities enjoy and are passionate about inspires Denis Bryant, CEO and president of Living Care Lifestyles, who has a deep-rooted connection to the Central Valley. It will come as no surprise for those who know Bryant that he is committed to developing senior living communities with superior architectural design and is deeply dedicated to improving the lives of seniors as they age. His mission for the past 20-plus years has been to provide an abundance of resort-style amenities for residents and family members to enjoy together.

It is important to note that every day, another 10,000 boomers retire and that there are many care settings for older adults; not all senior communities are one size fits all. Defining senior living is your choice and should be on your terms. All the living options at Quail Park at Shannon Ranch are comprised of luxurious features, an abundance of amenities and signature services that will help you lead your best life. Just as Bob states, “I stay busy with my coffee group and a variety of organizations I am involved in, of course, video conferencing and social distancing.” Retirement living can be the new equivalent of the house call with services at your fingertips.

When asked if they have any advice to other seniors who might consider moving to Shannon Ranch during these challenging times, the Lines said, “We didn’t really find the move all that difficult, even during the pandemic. Our advice would be come and visit. Talk to us and talk to the other residents. We all feel we’re in a much better place to ride this thing out.”

At Quail Park at Shannon Ranch, the goal is for residents to thrive and be empowered, engaged and proactive in improving their own health by participating in signature programs like aqua classes in the heated therapy pool, using state-of-the-art fitness equipment or combatting chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD and fall prevention by accessing the Wellness Pathways programs created in partnership with the Kaweah Delta Health Care District and other medical providers in the region. We encourage you to connect with your passions and visit today to learn more or even stay for one of the delicious meals.