Story By Ashley Callahan



enney Sick is a Visalia-based financial consultant with a heart for the community. Before joining Raymond James Financial Services in 2013, she was vice president of Investments at Stifel Nicolaus & Company Inc. Today, Penney has earned a well-deserved place on the 2020 Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor List. Throughout her 21-year career, she has witnessed myriad changes in the financial industry. From the internet household of the ’90s to a few economic crises and now COVID 19, the market can be volatile. It’s people like Penney who extend a hand to help others navigate one of the most critical aspects of their lives: their finances. 

Before the start of her career, Penney’s uncle encouraged her to explore the world of finance. A CPA, her uncle told her that she should start saving and investing for the future early. While anticipating the birth of her son, Penney began investing in a brokerage firm. She fell in love with the market and became a broker herself a few years later. Penney found that not only was the market exciting, but it was also a people business. To this day, Penney says one of the most satisfying aspects of financial consulting is helping clients achieve their financial goals. 

From financial planning to portfolio management, Penney serves both local businesses and working individuals. However, retirees are at the core of her business these days. About 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the United States. With COVID-19, many people have had to rethink their plans, and more have stepped away from work. But according to Penney, this doesn’t mean that one can’t achieve their financial goals. She says that if you can weather the market while achieving your goals over time, you can attain consistent financial stability. One of the best ways to do this is by diversifying your portfolio and assessing your risk tolerance. The goal is to take on as little risk as possible; It’s essential to invest wisely in every season, which is why financial professionals like Penney are needed. 

Regarding specific services offered by Raymond James, many clients seek assistance and education for their rollover IRAs and 401(k) plans. Those planning for retirement will often roll over their pensions into an account they have more control over. Many doctors and small businesses look into this option as well, according to Penney. She also offers estate planning and tax planning.  

One of the many ways Penney brings value to her clients is by helping them find the right mix of investments. If she can maximize their potential and help them invest properly, they’ll be more stable when the market swings. There’s something very personal about financial consulting. After all, Penney considers finances to truly be a people business, which is what she enjoys most about it. She says that when people are saving, they’re sharing and telling you what their goals are. Over the years, you become friends. There’s a certain trust that builds up over time. By aiding others through financial consulting, their personal and professional lives become more secure. This enables clients to spend more time with their loved ones and focus on what matters most. 

“People work a lifetime for what they have and they trust you with it, and you have to do the very best to help them accomplish their goals,” Penney says.

The one piece of financial advice Penney would like to offer is that wealth is built over time. She says to start young and stay disciplined. Besides, the younger you are, the more risk tolerance you have. It’s never too late to invest in your future, but the more time you have, the better. Saving for retirement starts years, sometimes decades, in advance. By investing earlier, you’ll have more to enjoy your life with. Money isn’t everything, but good financial stewardship is one way to reap the benefits.

She says helping clients achieve their goals is what inspires her the most. Asked about generational wealth and a child’s desire to give back to their parents, she tells the touching story about a woman who took money out of her account every year for her children. The woman told Penney that she wanted her kids to enjoy their lives. Giving a little bit of her savings to her children each year was a way of helping their money grow. Penney says that when it comes to children wanting to give back to their parents, the best reward is to enjoy life. By having extra finances, stability and experience are that much more possible. This is Penney’s mindset with her business as well.

Penney resides in Exeter with her family. She’s delighted to have her son working for her today.

Penney Sick is a financial adviser and branch manager with Raymond James Financial Services Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. She can be reached at (559) 429-4270 or at her office,  303 E. Caldwell Ave. Visalia.

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