Text by Taylor Johnson | Makeup by Lindsay Belt

The makeup industry has become an outlet for artists to put on display their avant-garde ideas. However, when it comes to a bride’s face on her wedding day — captured from every angle in what will be some of her life’s most treasured photos — it may be best to leave radical expressions of maquillage for the fashion runway and silver screen.

Thankfully, we see that wedding makeup trends have taken a turn back toward “natural.”

Professional hair and makeup artist Lindsay Belt agrees and has observed the wave of brides desiring a more natural look. “The majority of brides aren’t wanting heavy, overdone makeup these days,” she says. “Most are wanting a natural, dewy skin look where they still look like themselves but enhanced.”

This look Lindsay has created on her model, Gracie, is one that she is sure every bride would look good in. “A lot of brides have never worn makeup before, so this is something that even the simplest of women can wear,” she says, adding that she used a lot of gold and bronze tones.

“I think one thing women are really afraid of is to wear lipstick, so it’s nice to see something that looks good on just about everybody,” Lindsay comments as she explains the chosen lip color with natural brown and pink tones. “I like to go with tones that look really similar to their natural lip color, so when I put the color on, it’s like their natural skin, popped out.”

To give a little drama to the natural look, Lindsay recommends adding a slightly smoky eye using browns (never blacks for a bride). “This year is going to include a lot of rust colors so I try to include that as much as I can to give it a bit of a brick color underneath,” she says. “It really helps for the eye shadow to have a nice overlay.” For a more dramatic lip, she favors a dark plum color, which photographs nicely against the white wedding dress.

Of course, brides will want to keep in mind the color and style of their gown as well as the bridal party colors when choosing a makeup look. Lindsay advises brides to research and have some makeup looks in mind, but also be flexible while consulting with a makeup artist to find the perfect look.

Lindsay Belt is an award-winning hair and makeup artist, having worked on music videos and short films, is a licensed professional of six years, and has served more than 100 bridal clients.

Follow her on Instagram: @beautybybelt