About Us

Design, Distribution and Demographics

The Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine is a regional magazine serving the upscale residents of the South Valley. The magazine publishes national-quality content with a local focus. Topics include architecture and interior design, culinary, travel, the arts, charity events, and business profiles that help area residents see the unique cultural aspects of their community. Lifestyle Magazine has been awarded several gold & silver ADDYS for content, layout and design. Several feature writers are award-winning journalists who produce literary work at a level that appeals to an educated, culturally diverse, and civic-minded audience.

Readership Demographics

Lifestyle readers are professional, college educated, affluent, active South Valley citizens between 25 and 64 years of age. It’s estimated audience is 50/50 male/female, and is comprised of individuals who own their own homes and are willing to spend more money for higher quality and better service.

Total Readership

75,000 per issues using a reader-per-copy figure of 5, which includes pass-along readers (15,000 rate base x 5 = 75,000). Magazines typically have a higher per copy readership and enjoy longevity.

The Distribution

Visalia, California, is the shopping and economic hub of the South Valley. Over the years, Visalia has experienced tremendous growth and has emerged as a sophisticated dining, shopping, and cultural center, followed by the towns of Exeter and Tulare. Lifestyle Magazine is direct-mailed to 13,800 homes in the most upscale neighborhoods in Visalia and Exeter. Another 2,000 magazines are racked at strategic, high-traffic areas and businesses, and are available in area hotel rooms.